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Herbal Home

Herbal Home of America specializes in creating natural medical treatments free of toxins and chemicals to give the patient medication and physical therapy without side and continuous symptoms in research and development day and night to find solutions and treatments for diseases that eludes the global pharmaceutical and reach of the disease to full recovery without suffering or side effects because health priceless.

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is a mixture comprised of the avocado fruit, moringa leaf and olive leaf. This unique mixture has multiple medical benefits in which the largest component is the avocado fruit. It' nutritious properties alone provide over twelve major health benefits supported by scientific research. The three featured ingredients in Avoca prove to provide seven times more vitamin C found in oranges, four times Vitamin A found in carrots, four times calcium and magnesium, and twice the protein found in milk. Avoca is an extraordinary herbal supplement that is capable of treating more than 300 medical conditions effectively.

ر.س.‏ 168.75

Bitter Melon Mix

Bitter Melon Mix is a natural herbal innovation with herbal anti diabetic properties. It is a combination of extracts of naturally occurring tissue cultured herbs.

ر.س.‏ 187.50

Dragon Fruit Mix

Dragon Fruit Mix is a natural remedy for constipation.

ر.س.‏ 168.75

Durian Mix

The fruit is very famous, very much desired & highly consumed by Malaysians to enhance energy & boost sex in male .

ر.س.‏ 187.50


Herbal Home Research and Development Center has been working since August 2000 on scientifically developing a natural and reliable treatment for those patients who are living with infertility issues in both genders; males and females. After years of research, our teams in Herbal Home Research and Development Center successfully had a breakthrough with positive results in respect to infertility treatment.

ر.س.‏ 225.00

Figs & Olive Mix Drink

This product is made with the finest raw material of Jenin, figs , olives , honey and royal jelly , pollen , palm , ginger and thyme and these materials is proven to have impact on the immunity and fertility.

ر.س.‏ 187.50