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Durian Mix

The fruit is very famous, very much desired & highly consumed by Malaysians to enhance energy & boost sex in male .

ر.ق.‏‏ 182.00


Herbal Home Research and Development Center has been working since August 2000 on scientifically developing a natural and reliable treatment for those patients who are living with infertility issues in both genders; males and females. After years of research, our teams in Herbal Home Research and Development Center successfully had a breakthrough with positive results in respect to infertility treatment.

ر.ق.‏‏ 218.40

Pomega Mix

The Only 100% Natural Breast Enhancement Product in Southeast Asia. All Herbal Home Products are FDA Certified.

ر.ق.‏‏ 436.80 ر.ق.‏‏ 356.72